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Vanino-Kholmsk line

Vanino-Kholmsk line

Since the line Vanino - Kholmsk has been opened, railway wagons have been the dominant cargo carried by SASCO which is involved in implementation of multimodal agreements with Russian Railroad. Besides this, ferries engaged on the line carry more than 60 thousand passengers annually to maintain lasting communication for those who visit Sakhalin Island or leave for the Mainland. Vanino - Kholmsk line operates 3 «Sakhalin» type ferries which provide cargo and passenger carriages between Sakhalin and mainland. Ferries are capable to carry any kind of cargoes between Vanino and Kholmsk permitted for railway carriage under the rules and regulations of Russian Railroad, including bulk liquid cargoes in tank-wagons, perishables in reefer wagons and hazardous cargo (depending on hazardous cargo Class, some of them may be carried by specially facilitated "Sakhalin-10" ferry only).

«Sakhalin» type ferries are capable to carry trucks and cars. Berth booking for car transportation is always available with our agents, service fees can be paid either in Kholmsk or in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk offices.

SASCO has successfully completed the four years project targeted towards the modernization of main engines of Sakhalin type ferries. Now SASCO ferry fleet burns heavy fuel oil. This permits to reduce greatly fuel and lube oils costs as well as the expense for spare parts supply.


Vanino is one of the biggest ports of Russian Far East. Vanino is a key station of Russian Far Eastern Railways as well as terminal point for Trans Siberian and Baikal-Amur Railroads. The highway connects Vanino with Khabarovsk.

Kholmsk is one of the two major sakhalin ports and the biggest port of its western coast. Kholmsk is also a terminal point for Sakhalin Railroad and federal highway Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Kholmsk.

Multimodal transportation by railway and by sea is the most advantageous route of cargo delivery to Sakhalin Island. Practically, this cargo delivery pattern bears much resemblance with ordinary railroad delivery between two stations. You just deliver the cargo to the nearest railway station’s facilities, with the indication of Sakhalin railway station as a destination point. The transportation and transshipment of cargo during the entire trip will be performed without your participation. You even don’t have to contact SASCO because all the confirmations of cargo acceptance will be enquired by railway authorities. All you have to do is to pay the freight (the cost of cargo carriage up to the station of Vanino will be collected at the station of departure, all freight dues and charges will be collected from consignee on Sakhalin Island). SASCO reminds you, that cargo with ocean freight prepaid takes priority over the others. To optimize your cargo delivery, please feel free to contact SASCO and to pay freight prior to the cargo has been delivered to Vanino.


Ferry schedule

Vessel Voy Departure from Vanino Arrival to Kholmsk Departure from Kholmsk Arrival to Vanino
SAKHALIN-10 снят с Линии снят с Линии снят с Линии снят с Линии
SAKHALIN-09 07.02.2023 22:00 09.02.2023 04:00 09.02.2023 06:00 07.02.2023 14:00
SAKHALIN-08 09.02.2023 01:00 08.02.2023 05:10 08.02.2023 07:10 08.02.2023 23:00

Schedule can be changed.

Refined data are available on this page.



For more details please contact SASCO ferry department:

  • Telephone: +7 (42433) 66133
  • Fax: +7(42433) 66123, +7(42433) 66477

All questions concerning liner carriages of containerized cargo and ferry carriage of motor vehicles should be addressed to Our Agent “Daltransservice” contact information





All questions concerning rail transportation should be addressed to Our Agent OOO Sakhmortek


  • Telephone: 8 (42433) 66-408
  • Fax: 8 (42433) 66-412
  • e-mail: kmv@ruaw.org www.sakhmortek.ru


  • Telephone: 8 (4242) 77-20-74
  • Fax: 8 (4242) 77-38-95

In order to reserve or buy ticket, please refer to SANES booking office.

  • Vanino:
    • SANES Ticket Office, railroad terminal building, phone: 7 (42137) 53916, 57708
  • Kholmsk:
    • Sea Terminal Ticket Office, phone: 7 (42433) 66 185
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